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Conference 2007

Fourth International EUREDOCS Conference

Researching Higher Educational Change and Transformation
Centre for Higher Education Studies

School of Educational Foundations and Policy Studies,
Institute Of Education, University of London
25 – 27 May 2007


Call for papers - Submission deadline > October 31 2007

Opening Session
Penny Jane Burke, Christine Musselin, Ivar Bleiklie, Barbara Kehm
Chair: Ivar Bleiklie

The Changing University Ideal?– Discursive Construction of University Legitimations
Presenter: Terhi Nokkala
Commentator: Franziska Zellweger

The challenge of rethinking universities beyond tradition and the market
Presenter: Wim Weymans
Commentator: Ole Henckel

Policy governance in the Bologna Process: global influences, regional initiatives, national policies and institutional realisation
Presenter: Magdalini Kolokitha
Commentator: Lucas Baschung

Saturday, 26th May

Re-assembling’ the student - Danish University Reform and changing notions of students
Presenter: Nielsen Gritt
Commentator: Ruth Kamm

Continuity and Change in Stakeholder Influence – a Case Study of Telemark University College in Norway
Presenter: Catharina Bjorkquist
Commentator: Nielsen Gritt

How to study a cross European phenomenon with a focus on Governance? The case of Doctoral Education
Presenter: Lucas Baschung
Commentator: Terhi Nokkala

The influence of governance structures on performance measurement and management: methodological issues in a comparative study between Portuguese and British higher education institutions.
Presenter: Ana Melo
Commentator: Julia Semoleit

How do we know what teaching history in universities is about? A discussion of methodological challenges and advantages of a comparative study of disciplinary teaching ideals in times of structural reform
Presenter: Marte Mangset
Commentator: Magdalini Kolokitha

Current Trends in European higher education policy: Context and understandings
Presenter: Ole Henckel
Commentator: Ana Melo

Europeanizing the university agenda – Do individual actors make a difference? How to conceptualize the relevance, conditions and impact ofindividual policy choices
Presenter: Julia Semoleit
Commentator: Marte Mangset

Sunday, 27th May

Reforming the National Higher Education System – Grounded Theory as an appropriate method to discover discrepancies between rhetoric and action
Presenter: Ruth Kamm
Commentator: Catharina Bjorkquist

The Impact of Modularised Curricula and eLearning on the Student Learning Organisation
Presenter: Franziska Zellweger
Commentator: Wim Weymans

Closing session: Comments from the scientific committee and open discussion with all the participants