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Conference 2005
with the support of RESUP


“Transformations of higher education and research policies, systems and institutions in European countries”

The Second Euredocs conference in Bergen will focus on the Transformations of higher education and research policies, systems and institutions in European countries. The conference venue and dates emphazise the importance of the Bologna process in the European higher education area. Thus it follows up the first Eurodocs conference in Paris by keeping a focus on the Bologna process, but slightly externding the range of topics by explicitly including higher education and research policies and systems in addition to the institutions through which they are carried out.

Three main dimensions will be explored during this conference:

  • the first deals with national and supranational policies aiming at national and supranational integration of higher education and research activities and institutions
  • the second deals with the introduction of management and assessment tools within higher education and research institutions
  • the third dimension to be explored deals with the concrete effects of the Bologna process on higher education and research institutions


The conference will welcome a limited number of contributors (12 to 15) in order to allow and favour relationships and debates among participants sharing common interests and knowledge on a common theme.

The conference will be organised in four sessions. In each session no more than four papers will be presented and discussed (45mns to one hour for each paper).

Selected papers should be available before May 2nd

Participants will be asked to read the papers before arrival. For this reason, contributors will have only 15mns to present their paper. For each paper, a discussant (one of the present contributors) will be chosen and have a further 15mns of time. General discussion will follow.

We thus expect each contributor to attend the whole conference.

Each session will be chaired by a senior researcher (list of names & papers).

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