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Conference 2005
with the support of RESUP


[documents in pdf version only]

Pauline Barraud et Stéphanie Mignot-Gérard
(Centre de Sociologie des Organisations, Sciences-Po/CNRS, Paris, France)
“The Implementation of the Bachelor-Master Study Structure in French Universities. A European Reform in the Hands of Academic Tribes”

Uta Bielfeldt
(Posdam University, Germany)
“Linking social "relevance" to changes in the degree structure of higher education in the Nordic countries ”

Tehri Nokkala
(Centre for globalisaiton, education and societés, University of Bristol, UK)
“Knowledge society/knolewdge economy discourse in internationalisation of higher education - A case study in governmentality”

Dorota Pyla
(Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland)
“ECTS as a subsystem of the "complex adaptive system" of European Higher Education : the experiences of Jagiellonian University in implementation of ECTS”

Karin Serbanescu-Lestrade
(Paris 10 Nanterre University, France)
“Staff reactions at the Bologna process. Four cases studies”

Nathalie Younes
(Université d'Auvergne/UPMF Grenoble, France)
“Effets of IT-based student evaluation of educational quality”

Pauline Ravinet
(CSO/CEVIPOF, Paris, France)
“The Sorbonne meeting and declaration : Actors, shared vision and Europeanisation"

Joanna Kostuch
(The Faculty of Social Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland)
“The perception of the ECTS system and the two-cycle studies in the Polish higher education"”

Marte Mangst
(Department of sociology, University of Bergen, Norway)
“Are British educational concerns different from European educational concerns ?”. A study of recent developments in two British graduate schools in history and of how they relate to the Bologna Process

Amélia Veiga
(University of Porto, CIPES, Portugal)
“Europeanization of Higher Education Area : Towards a framework of analysis”

Benoit Cret
(CSO, Centre de Sociologie des Organisations, Paris, France
“The implementation of accreditation processes within three "Grandes Ecoles"”